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Welcome to Ice Pirates Snowmobile Tours in Southwest Colorado

ICE PIRATES is delighted to share our 55,000 acre terrain with you. Family-owned and operated, Ice Pirates is permitted in the San Juan National Forest, 16 miles north of Durango Mountain Resort, between Durango and Silverton, Colorado, where we receive over 300 inches of snow a year. Hot cocoa, anyone?

We ride where the locals ride which means, oh yeah, our terrain is the best in SW Colorado (and arguably in the whole state).The snowmobile tours begin at base camp, 10,800 feet, with over eighty miles of trails to explore. We have beautiful forest and meadow trails and we ride up the spine of Molas Peak to get to our high point overlook, elevation 12,223 feet (give or take), higher than anywhere at Durango Mountain Resort. Take a look at our amazing views.

Check out Ice Pirates' Facebook page where we think we're funny on a regular basis. And we're just old fashioned enough we ask you to call (970) 247-3706 to make your snowmobile tour reservations so we can personally connect with you before you head up the hill. You won't regret it.




Book an adventure today! Call us at 970-247-3706

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Trail Map (PDF)